We help children around the world

We promote social projects run by charitable organisations and institutions for children and young people with diseases and disabilities around the world. The Lipoid Stiftung focuses on supporting projects abroad for children and young people with disabilities as well as young orphans (including social orphans) and children from poor families who are often members of ethnic and/or other minorities.

Support for children and young people with disabilities
We support improvements in supervision and care, promote therapies through remedial pedagogy and help to strengthen the relevant institutions. Our primary objective is to improve the living conditions of people with disabilities and their families.

Hospice work
The dignified treatment and care of children with severe disabilities and terminal diseases in inpatient or outpatient hospices is a clear focus of our funding activities.

Help for people with disabilities to lead a life of independence
We promote institutions and projects that support people with disabilities in leading as independent a life as possible, thereby allowing them to participate in society. This includes initiatives for greater awareness and improved treatment of rare and hence neglected disabilities (such as Fragile X Syndrome and deaf-blindness).

Support for orphans and very poor children
We support projects for orphans, including social orphans, and children from socially disadvantaged families, while focusing on:

  • creating and safeguarding conditions worthy of human dignity
  • improving the sustainability of relevant institutions
  • medical and social care as well as hospice work
  • promoting educational development and the vocational training of young people


Further emphasis is placed on establishing and promoting therapy and competence centres that support the families of children with disabilities.

Support for research
The funding activities of the Lipoid Stiftung also encompass the promotion of research and science, including scientific communication, in particular for palaeontological work in Germany.


Funding by continent
(in projects)

Africa (grey)
Asia (green)
Europe (blue)
Latin America (red)

Funding by issue
(in %)

Medical treatment, therapeutic/remedial pedagogical measures for children and young people with disabilities; healthcare/advice
Support for orphanages/day nurseries; promotion for the development, education and vocational training of children with disabilities, children from socially disadvantaged families, and children from ethnic or religious minorities
Improvement of living conditions for children, socially disadvantaged families and ethnic minorities
Support for independent life for people with disabilities
Hospice work
Palaeontological research

In 2015, we were involved in a total of 49 individual projects for charitable institutions in Germany and abroad, some of which were the continuation of ongoing projects while others constituted new projects from corresponding project applications.