How we proceed

The Lipoid Stiftung conducts funding activities including those in cooperation with other foundations as well as recognised charitable organisations in Germany and abroad.


1. Project outline

Please email us your proposal including an outline of the project. It should offer an overview of the following points:

  • Applicant
  • Who will implement the project (in the event that this is not the applicant)
  • Goal of the project
  • Design and impact of the project
  • Schedule
  • Financial requirements
  • Sustainability


The foundation will decide on the basis of the project outline whether the project can be supported according to the foundation’s charter. Moreover, we will provide a timely response and should we be generally interested in the project, we will request the submission of a detailed funding application.


2. Funding application

Once the foundation has conducted a preliminary review and stated its interest, you may then submit a comprehensive funding application (as a Word document). If necessary, we will request further documentation.


3. Approval/Rejection

If the Lipoid Stiftung wishes to provide financial support for the project, you will receive written approval in the form of an approval decision on the basis of your application. We will then prepare a funding agreement to be signed by the responsible institution.

We will also provide written notice in the event that the funding application is rejected and will be happy to answer any questions.