We support projects worldwide

The Lipoid Stiftung promotes specific projects around the world. With the exception of one-off investments, the foundation typically supports projects over an extended period of time.

The foundation also provides its partners with the expertise available at its branch office and representative office.

The Lipoid Stiftung is increasingly cooperates with other foundations in its support activities. For some years now, there have been individual funding of projects for the purpose of knowledge transfer in the field of disability work.


Reference projects

We are currently involved in projects in more than 17 countries—in Germany and other European countries, as well as Africa, Asia and Latin America.

In Germany, we promote institutions and organisations that support people with disabilities and children from socially disadvantaged families. The projects focus on improving living conditions, such as by means of special therapies and support measures that are not financed by social security funds.

Particularly in Eastern Europe, we support institutions for orphaned children (with and without disabilities), neglected or traumatised children and children from socially disadvantaged backgrounds.

The foundation’s representative office in China promotes social projects in a number of regions that focus on therapy and support for children and young people with disabilities, especially in poor, rural areas.

Projects in the rest of Asia are dedicated to the treatment and support of children and young people with disabilities as well as help for orphanages and schools for ethnic minorities in remote regions. As part of a larger project, we support a children’s unit in a hospital and a centre for children with cerebral paralysis. The hospital also provides medical care as well as health and nutrition advice for preventing disabilities of children for a large number of village communities in the surrounding region.

In Africa, we promote a children’s hospice, a school for children and young people with visual impairments and an infirmary as well as orphanages and church parishes that help children and young people in particularly precarious social situations.

In Latin America, we focus our support on institutions for orphaned children and day nurseries for children from socially disadvantaged families.


Palaeontological and scientific research

In addition to our social projects, we fund scientific institutions as well as palaeontological research work and its communication.

Moreover, companies within the Lipoid Group regularly provide funding for scientific research on phospholipids as well as a foundation professorship.

Supported Projects

Honduras, La Venta
Honduras, La Venta Sustainable reliability of supply for a children’s village
Ukraine, Vyshhorod
Ukraine, Vyshhorod ‘Hope’ special school
Tanzania, Morogoro district
Tanzania, Morogoro district Tangeni health centre
Germany, Holzmaden
Germany, Holzmaden Support for research
Germany, Düren
Germany, Düren Louis Braille School for the visually impaired
India, Gujarat
India, Gujarat Children’s unit and specialist centre for children with cerebral paralysis
China, Shaanxi Province
China, Shaanxi Province Art classes for autistic children