Aid for Families in Need.

In a supported project from 2016, the water supply for the children’s village “Rancho Santa Fe”, an institution of “NPH Honduras” and located in the vicinity of the nation’s capital of Tegucigalpa, was sustainably secured through the construction of a levee and irrigation system. The gathered rainwater supplied 560 children as well as the employees of the children’s village even in periods of drought.

Meanwhile, the Lipoid Stiftung via the registered association, “nph Kinderhilfe Lateinamerika e. V.” [nph Children’s Aid Latin America], located in Honduras, supports the program “One Family”. The goal of the program is to reintegrate children from the children’s village into their families after years of separation from their parents and to support those families so that the further development and education of the children continues to be ensured. After a successful start to the program in Honduras, the program has also expanded into Guatemala. Impressed by both the successes and efforts of nph in these difficult endeavors, the Lipoid Stiftung now supports the project in both countries.

In addition, the Lipoid Stiftung in Honduras together with nph increasingly seeks to take preventive action. With the project, “Family Centers”, centers are established with the aim of counteracting emergencies that can lead to the separation of children and parents by offering extensive support for families right from the outset.