Art classes for autistic children

The Shangluo Hui Ling Mental Disorders Social Service Center is a non-governmental organisation in Shaanxi Province, a poverty-stricken, mountainous region of north-western China. The organisation runs facilities for children with mental disabilities and autism that provide special therapies and advice for children and their parents.

The representative office of the Lipoid Stiftung in China cooperates with the rehabilitation centre to support children with mental disabilities from poor families in the Shangluo region, allowing them to participate in the centre’s training courses and therapies such as art classes. The centre’s staff visit, advise and support these families. The goal is to improve the quality of life of children with disabilities in poor rural areas and to foster societal compassion and support.

Artwork exhibition

Joined by other rehabilitation centres for children with autism, the centre took part in an exhibition in Beijing in April 2015 showcasing paintings created by children with autism as part of the art class. The exhibition was organised and funded by the representative office of the Lipoid Stiftung in China.

Similar projects supporting children with autism are promoted by the Lipoid Stiftung in two further rehabilitation centres in Beijing.


China, Shaanxi Province

Acting organisation

Shangluo Hui Ling Center for Mental Disorders, Xi'an City, Shaanxi Province


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