Fountain of Hope.

In almost all African societies, people with mental disabilities are still neglected. Their families are ostracized, discriminated against, and stigmatized. Zambia is no exception in this regard: Institutions which care for children and youths with mental disabilities are far from universal. The existing kindergartens and schools lack financial aid and professional know-how. The Lipoid Stiftung supports the Zambian Peter Mpolokoso in the establishment of the “Fountain of Hope Special Education School”, which is a school for children with mental disabilities. Due to his long-standing experience as a special education teacher in the management of a school for children with cognitive impairments in Rwanda, he is predestined to found and to lead a similar institution in Zambia. With the help of support from the Lipoid Stiftung via the registered association Fountain of Hope e. V., the school was able to begin operation in January 2019.