‘Hope’ special school

In Ukraine, we fund various projects to support children in need and children with disabilities.

In cooperation with the children’s relief organisation ChildFund Deutschland e. V. and with the participation of the Ukrainian non-governmental organisation Yellow-Blue Wings, we supported the special school ‘Hope’ in Vyshhorod in 2015 as part of the project ‘Ukraine: Greater Visibility of Children with Disabilities’. This special school teaches 35 children with severe disabilities.

The funding activities included procuring specialised equipment for the special school and the provision of certain foods in order to improve the school’s conditions for pupils. A joint excursion, individual dolphin therapies and a painting workshop also took place and increased the public awareness of children with disabilities.


Ukraine, Vyshhorod

Acting organisation

Yellow-Blue Wings, Ukraine

Cooperation partner

ChildFund Deutschland e. V.


Additional Supported Projects

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Additional Projects