Louis Braille School for the visually impaired

The Louis Braille School in Düren is a special pedagogical centre for supporting and educating children and young people with visual impairments and multiple disabilities that include impaired vision. It includes early support for young children, a preschool, a primary school and a secondary school as well as a vocational school. Courses are also offered for training teachers, students and parents. Great importance is placed on working together with general education schools as part of integrative classes.

The Lipoid Stiftung has provided funding to special projects run by the Louis Braille School since 2014 including music classes, riding therapy and family weekends in cooperation with ‘Arbeitsgemeinschaft der Eltern blinder und hochgradig sehgeschädigter Kinder im Rheinland e. V.’ (The Working Group of Parents of Blind and Severely Visually-Impaired Children in Rhineland).


Germany, Düren

Acting organisation

Louise Braille School, Düren


Additional Supported Projects

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Additional Projects