Support for research

Alongside social projects in Germany and abroad, the Lipoid Stiftung promotes scientific research, particularly in the field of palaeontology.

In 2015, the Lipoid Stiftung supported the roof renovation of the Hauff Museum of the Prehistoric World as well as the scientific reconstruction of a Hauffiosaurus model. It is currently funding the remodelling of the Jurassic Sea according to present knowledge as well as improving the illumination of the shale profile that impressively showcases the fossil finds in the individual layers of sediment.

Scientific research

Moreover, the companies belonging to the Lipoid Stiftung are assuming the costs for the phospholipid research centre that promotes scientific work and lectures in the field of phospholipids. The enterprise also provides donations to support the Stifterverband für die Deutsche Wissenschaft (Association of Sponsors for German Science).


Germany, Holzmaden

Acting organisation

Bernhard Hauff Foundation


Additional Supported Projects

Honduras, La Venta
Honduras, La Venta Sustainable reliability of supply for a children’s village
Ukraine, Vyshhorod
Ukraine, Vyshhorod ‘Hope’ special school
Tanzania, Morogoro district
Tanzania, Morogoro district Tangeni health centre


Additional Projects