Sustainable reliability of supply for a children’s village

As part of a funding project for the children’s village ‘Rancho Santa Fe’ in Honduras—a facility run by nph honduras near the capital Tegucigalpa—a dam and an irrigation system were constructed, thereby securing water supply for the long term. The collected rainwater provides the 560 children and the children’s village staff with usable water, even in droughts. In addition, there are lower energy costs for the required pumps that previously transported water from the valley to the children’s village. The irrigation system for the small farm is bringing about more efficient water use for producing the children’s village’s own vegetables and feed for the dairy cows. They provide fresh milk for the children every day. Cheese is also produced for the village’s own consumption and sale.

The project was carried out in cooperation with our partner ‘nph deutschland e. V. UNSERE KLEINEN BRÜDER UND SCHWESTERN’ [OUR YOUNG BROTHERS AND SISTERS], an international non-governmental organisation committed to helping disadvantaged children, particularly orphaned children in Latin America.


Honduras, La Venta

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nph honduras

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nph deutschland e. V.


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