Tangeni health centre

In the Tangeni village in the diocese of Morogoro, situated in a mountainous region in central Tanzania and long since cut off from any access to healthcare, the catholic community has been running a health centre since 2008. The construction, facilities and the necessary extensions and renovations have been funded by pharmarissano in cooperation with Lipoid GmbH—or respectively the Lipoid Stiftung for three years. Both partners regularly assume ongoing costs for medicines and the running of the health centre.

The clinic features a small health station, a maternity ward and a mother and child healthcare centre. Malaria and HIV infections are the most prevalent health problems in the area and maternal mortality is high. The health centre serves a large number of people in the surrounding region, far beyond the boundaries of the community. Quality is ensured by the local government and a supervisory commission.

A nursery is currently being added to the health centre. It will also look after children with disabilities as well as children from socially disadvantaged families.


Tanzania, Morogoro district

Acting organisation

Catholic Parish Community of Tangeni

Cooperation partner

pharmarissano Arzneimittel GmbH


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