Zeig, was Du kannst!

The program, “Zeig, was Du kannst!” [Show What You Are Able To Do], from the Foundation “Stiftung der Deutschen Wirtschaft (sdw)” [Foundation of German Economy] supports students in secondary education who want to achieve something but require help on their way to working life due to their background. Since the school year before last, the youths were accompanied for a period of three years with various offers of support. In particular, the participants received six workshops over the course of the three years, each lasting several days, as well as periodic group and individual coaching.

The success is immense: In 2018, only three percent of participants terminated their vocational training that they had started during the program. Across Germany, this number is usually closer to twenty-five percent.

The program which was initiated by the sdw, has been supported by the Lipoid Stiftung (in Ludwigshafen and Cologne) and other partners in not only financial areas since 2018. The Lipoid Stiftung also contributes to the project in the strategic advisory committee.

The video illustrates individual aspects of the program.