Lipoid Stiftung.

The Lipoid Stiftung is a legally responsible public civil rights foundation. It was created for the funding of non-profit and charitable goals. Our focus is on supporting children with disabilities as well as on children who grow up under adverse living conditions.

We are a company-based foundation. The entrepreneurial activity is the material basis for the foundation’s charitable work. Recipients of company funds include the Lipoid Stiftung as well as scientific institutions. Individual companies within the Lipoid Group also support social projects in their respective regional settings with additional funds.

The foundation was created by the Rebmann family in 2011.

Our Foundation Purpose.


The Lipoid Stiftung Charter names the following foundation objectives (§ 2):

  • Supporting children in need, including children with illnesses, disabilities, or children with social disadvantages
  • Supporiting charitable and non-profit institutions that care for people who are ill or otherwise in need
  • The financial support of archaeological and paleontological research in the German-speaking world
  • Supporting scientific work and institutions



We want to improve the living situations of people as directly as possible through our support in the social sphere. At the same time, it is important to us that our sponsorship develops positive effects beyond the funding period. We therefore additionally support the sustainability of institutions or our partners’ projects as well as the transfer of knowledge.

Our Foundation’s Governing Body.

The Foundations Governing Body is the Executive Board.

The foundation is represented by the executive board judicially and extrajudicially.

Members of the Executive Board include:

  • Dr. Dietmar Moll, President
  • Birgit Rebmann
  • Thea Ellspermann
  • Hans-Peter von Flüe
  • Prof. Dr. med. Michael Uppenkamp
  • Dr. Marion Goll-Tillmann
  • Dr. Stefan Schmidt
  • Andreas Kolodziej

Their tasks include:

  • The investment and management of the foundation’s assets.
  • The allocation of the foundation’s funds.
  • The creation of the annual financial statement and the report on the fulfillment of the foundation’s goals.
  • Exercising shareholder and control rights with respect to companies that belong to the foundation’s assests.
  • The sustainable protection of capital preservation of the Lipoid Stiftung

The executive board of the foundation performs its work voluntarily. The managing director of the Lipoid Stiftung is Dr. David Kossen.

A special characteristic of the Lipoid Stiftung is that it can rely on a worldwide network of representatives and current as well as former employees of the Lipoid company group who are involved in projects on behalf of the foundation for project identification and supervision.

Our Headquarters and Branch Office.

The Lipoid Stiftung has its headquarters located in Neustadt an der Weinstraße, Germany, and a​ branch office in Ludwigshafen am Rhein:

Branch office

Lipoid Stiftung
Managing Director: Dr. David Kossen
Advisor to the Board: Kirsten Meesmann
Assistant to the Board: Britta Merz

Lipoidstraße 1
67067 Ludwigshafen am Rhein

Representative office
in China

For funded projects in China, their development, supervision, and control, the Lipoid Stiftung has founded a state-registered representative office in Peking, China.

Lipoid Foundation (Germany) Beijing
Representative Office
Lead: Meng, Weijun
Room 1116, Block B, Shiao International Center
No. 101 Shaoyaojubeili, Chaoyang District
Beijing, 100029
PR China