Better Quality of Life for Children in Need.

We promote social projects from non-profit organizations and institutions for children and youths around the world who are ill or suffer from disabilities. The Lipoid Stiftung (Foundation) primarily supports projects abroad for children and youths with disabilities as well as young orphans (including social orphans) and children from impoverished families, which often include members of ethnic and/or other minority groups.

Sustainable Aid for Now and for the Future.

Supporting Children and Youth with Disabilities
We support improvements in care and treatment and promote therapies through special curative pedagogy, thereby helping to strengthen the respective institutions. Our primary goal is the improvement of the living situation of people with disabilities and their families. The dignified care and treatment of severely ill children or children with terminal illnesses for inpatient or outpatient care is a self-evident concern of our funding activities.

Helping People with Disabilities to Live Independently
We promote institutions and projects which help people with disabilities to live independently and take part in social life as much as possible. This includes initiatives to strengthen awareness and improve treatment of rare and therefore neglected disabilities (e.g., fragile x syndrome, deaf-blindness).

Funding for Orphans and Extremely Impoverished Children
We promote projects for orphans, social orphans, and children who grow up in difficult living conditions. We focus on:

  • the specific and sustainable improvement of their quality of life.
  • the promotion of educational development and vocational training of youths.
  • the repatriation of social orphans to their original families.
  • the improvement of sustainable work of relevant organizations and institutions.

Another primary goal is the establishment and promotion of therapies and competence centers for the strengthening of families with children with disabilities.

Funding Science and Research.

In addition to social projects, our funding activities also include science and research. We support paleontological and archaeological projects as well as scientific endeavors and institutions.

Moreover, organizations within the Lipoid Group regularly provide financial assistance for scientific research on phospholipids as well as an endowed chair.

We Promote Specific Projects in Constructive Cooperation.

The Lipoid Stiftung promotes specific projects worldwide. So long as it’s not a one-time investment, the foundation regularly funds projects over a longer timeframe, often with the goal of transitioning to secured regular funding.

The foundation also provides its partners with the expertise of its own administrative office and its subsidiaries.

The Lipoid Stiftung increasingly works with other foundations in their funding activities. Several of these cooperations have been on-going for several years.

Worldwide Project Funding.

In addition to projects in Germany, we promote projects in Europe, Africa, Asia, and Latin America.

Worldwide Funding 2023.

Proportional Distribution of Funds

Germany & Western Europe: 48 %

Africa: 12 %

Asia: 21 %

Latin America: 11 %

Eastern Europe & Russia: 8 %