Lipoid Stiftung in China

In 2014, a representative of the Lipoid Stiftung was founded in China. This supports various Chinese projects for children and youths with disabilities and educational projects for schoolchildren in rural impoverished areas such as the “Movable Libraries” program. Schools receive books and learning materials for impoverished children of ethnic minorities to improve their knowledge and capabilities through access to education, thereby achieving improved living conditions in the long term and finally obviating poverty.

In another project, children with mental impairments from impoverished families in remote rural areas are instructed in a special school for children with learning disabilities with consideration given to their specific needs. The goal is to strengthen the youth in their social and civic capabilities through special encouragement. In doing so school relies on additional classical educational elements of Chinese culture.

Together with the German Lipoid Stiftung, the Chinese Lipoid Stiftung operates the Chinese-German Exchange Project for knowledge transfer with regard to the advancement of people with disabilities. This exchange allows experts from one country to travel to those in another to visit designated institutions and to improve and discuss the current level of knowledge at conferences. The latest trip took place in September 2019 in which two experts from Germany on behalf of the Lipoid Stiftung traveled to Beijing, Tianjin, and Xiamen City to give lectures on the subject of transition from school to career including training and vocational preparation as well as career possibilities for youths with disabilities. The exchange was conducted in China as well as in Germany.

Movable Libraries

Chinese-German Knowledge Exchange