Lipoid Stiftung in China

A branch of the Lipoid Stiftung was established in China in 2014. It supports a variety of projects in China for children and young people with disabilities and for children from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Many people in rural China work in industrial areas far away from home. They often leave their children with their grandparents, or sometimes even alone.

In cooperation with volunteer organizations and social institutions, the Lipoid Stiftung China has set up projects to provide “left behind children” with psychological help and counseling, as well as assistance in establishing a support network for children in need and their families. The children are given access to education as well as support for their upkeep and health care.

Together with the Lipoid Stiftung in Ludwigshafen, Germany, the Chinese branch of the Lipoid Stiftung runs the Chinese-German program for the exchange of knowledge on fostering and support possibilities for children with disabilities. As part of this exchange, experts from one country travel to meet their counterparts from the other country, visit facilities, and discuss and improve their knowledge at meetings. As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to make travel to and from China very difficult, the exchange is still taking place digitally at regular intervals with the help of an experienced interpreter. Topics of discussion include the transition from school to work, vocational training and preparation, as well as job opportunities for young people with disabilities.

Vocational Training for People with Disabilities in China

In recent years, the issue of employment for people with disabilities in China has received increasing attention from society and the government. However, despite various government incentives, employment opportunities for young people and adults, especially those with intellectual disabilities, are limited.

Since 2017, the Lipoid Stiftung China has dedicated its work to providing vocational training and further education for young adults with disabilities through various formats. It invites Chinese professionals to visit institutions for the disabled and sheltered workshops for people with disabilities in Germany, organizes on-site visits and consultations by German experts in China, provides financial and technical support for vocational training projects, and offers international online exchange seminars.

The aim is to promote changes in employment philosophy and environments, especially for people with intellectual disabilities, and to support their integration into society in a positive and healthy way.

Photos: LipoidStiftung