JOBLINGE has given itself the goal of sustainably integrating youths from disadvantaged backgrounds into the apprenticeship and job market. Young people who have impeded start conditions due to difficult family backgrounds but want to make something of their lives are intensively supported. They are prepared over the course of several months with special trainings and workshops for their desired apprenticeship and receive additional help through individual mentoring. For the mentoring, volunteers from the industry are assigned to program participants. Each mentor takes care of one participant and not only serves an advisory role between the youth and the job market, but also helps the participants with other questions and problems.

The JOBLINGE program has existed for more than ten years in 35 current locations, and the goal of sustainable integration of young people into the job market as well as into society is in full swing. The placement rates are impressive: Over 70 percent of participants manage the transition into working life.

The fact that this concept excites people from all areas of society can be seen in the large participation of voluntary colleagues from the Lipoid GmbH who work as mentors, accompanying young people for years now. The Lipoid Stiftung has supported the aid organization since 2018 and funds the Ludwigshafen and Cologne locations.