The Chance to Work

The Manege gGmbH Company at the Don-Bosco-Center Berlin is an institution in the Berlin district of Marzahn-Hellersdorf which focuses on social work and vocational assistance for young people as well as providing youth welfare services.

The Lipoid Stiftung supports the organization in introducing adolescents with multidimensional problems to the labor market. The project gives young people who are beginning working life without having completed an apprenticeship the opportunity to learn what it means to be a reliable employee.

A commercially registered company under the umbrella of Manege gGmbH serves as a bridge to help young novice workers who have not only lost their self-confidence in terms of education and career, but have also been given up on by others, to find employment. In this project, young people can work for a building trade’s contractor to earn a weekly wage and gain targeted work experience. Where possible, they will be transferred after one year to another company to work in the “primary labor market”.